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Memorable Experience With Delicious Food

As a foodie, eating foods is my favorite thing and I also find my speciality in eating, that is tasting food and know the condiment in every dishes. When I was a child, I usually go to kitchen to see adults cooking. My intention is not to learn how to cook, but to know where the dishes that I felt very delicious from out of curiosity. As time passed, I knew the recipe of every dishes that I like gradually and learned how to improve it taste. I born at a country that have many delicious foods and the cuisine like to use many kinds of condiments. Through the process of knowing the recipe of cuisine, I also learned many condiments and their use. I didn’t know I can have the skill that I can know what condiments put in dishes until I was in middle school. Once a time, I taste a food that cooked by an aunt, then I asked her if this dish used some sugar and Thirteen Spice (a spice that produced at China) and cooked by olive oil rather than sesame oil. The aunt is very surprised that I got the whole right condiments. She praised me a lot and said I had this skill that other people don’t have. After that, I begin to notice my gustation and form a habit that Before I eat each dish, I have to try and guess what kind of seasoning is in it. Until now, I still keep this habit.